Monday, 22 May 2017

Canvas of Life

Don't look at Life just Momentarily,
For there may be ups and downs happening at the Moment,
Look at life in its completeness,
Life is not just a stroke of a particular shade...but a painting with various shades,
Look at the complete painting...Hold up the Canvas of Life!

Friday, 27 May 2016

Be Positive, Stay Optimistic

Sometimes you may realize that you make no difference to somebody.
So what?
There are many lives yet to be touched and changed.
"Make Your One Life Count"
Be Positive, Stay Optimistic!

सीधी बात No बकवास

Practice of Today>>>>>
"Use and Throw!" Not just of commodities, but even of people and relations! Sad but True

You and Only You have the Power to Make This World Better

If you have to do anything, do it Today, do it Now...Remember "Time and Tide Wait for No Man" Don't be lost in the glories of the Past, Time cannot be turned Back

Which is more Hurting???

'Silence of the Truth or Words of the Lie'

~Lost Humanity

Stringent Rules and Regulations, Rigid Rights and Wrongs, Tough Lines and Limits, Thorough Criticisms and Dry Appreciations....Are We becoming More Organized or Losing Human Consideration?